More Facebook Fatigue

I’ve been spending more time over at Facebook and less time here which has resulted in me not being particularly happy with my online activities lately. Anytime I start spending too much time on Facebook I get very irritable and depressed. So I’m setting about to take care of that. more posting over here, less over there.

I’ve got a couple of interviews I’m working on getting up here and I want to chat a bit about how I’m expanding my freelance editing business (have you checked out my ever more recently updated Editing Services website?) including significantly increasing my LinkedIn presence which I thought I would *never* do.

Tonight I’m going to see Owen Laukkanen at Nicola’s book then going to a fundraising dinner for the book store afterward. Then tomorrow Becky and I are taking the day off to play hooky and do some Easter shopping. But I’ll be around here more so you can look forward to that.

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