Moore better blues

I’m a pretty political person and have some fairly strong held conservative beliefs and most people who know me have heard me espouse them once or twice. But I have declined to use this blog to discuss politics and have mostly refrained from talking politics on other people’s blogs and boards recently. Partly, I think the country is tired of talking politics after the exhaustive debate we had leading up to the recent election; I know I am. But my main reason for not talking politics on this blog is I think it’s bad to mix politics and business. I do a lot of personal stuff on this blog, but it’s main purpose is to promote myself and raise awareness of myself as a writer and since I’m not a political writer I don’t talk politics. And also, I’ll admit it, as a conservative working in a predominantly liberal field and living in one of the most liberal cities this side of Berkley, I’m just sick of defending myself.

So it only seems appropriate that my first, and most likely only, post of a political nature is in regard to Michael Moore. Moore is a native of Davison, Michigan, which like my hometown of Grand Blanc, is considered the “Flint area.” Recently Moore has been in the local and national news, not because of his politics or films, but because he’s been denied induction into the Davison High School Hall of Fame for the fourth time. The story has appeared in most major American news outlets including USA Today and the AP, along with several international publications including the Globe and Mail of Toronto. I was going to write about this when the story originally came to my attention a couple of weeks ago but I got distracted while defending myself and my love of musical theater (yeah I’m looking at you Banks). But today there is another story in our local paper on the topic and it got me flustered enough to respond to it. But do you want to know the weird thing?

This post is in support of Michael Moore.

While I detest Moore’s politics and personality, and believe his “every man” image is a complete fake, and I was one of the many people from our area who thought he was an idiot for making his little dig at Bush during the Oscars last year, I think he deserves to be honored as a notable alumni from his high school. I would hope that if the day ever comes I make a mark on the country through my art that my high school doesn’t ignore me just because they disagree with my politics or my personality. The major reason given by the nomination commitee for not recognizing Moore is because they don’t think he’s a good role model for students. Since when is being a good role model criteria for being recognized for one’s achievements? The list is long of sports and film starts who were honored in a hall of fame or along the walk of fame for their accomplishments but would not be called role models. I was talking to somebody about this a while ago in regards to Pete Rose. While I think his gambling is something that should have been punished severely, I still think he should be inducted into the hall of fame for his accomplishments. Would I want my son to be like Pete Rose? No. Do I still think Pete Rose needs to be recognized for his contributions to baseball? Yes.

And let’s be clear here, there are plenty of positive things to recognize Moore for. He is an Academy Award winning filmmaker and the creator of two of the highest grossing documenteries of all time. And even though I disgarre with much of the content, I still think his movies are very entertaining. On top of this he is a New York Times bestselling author several times over. Any one of these accomplishments alone should be enough to get Moore into his high school hall of fame. Not to mention the money he’s donated to shcool and community along with the scholarships he’s endowed at the school. It’s a hall of FAME and the story about his denial appeared in USA Today, the AP and international papers. I’d say that qualifies as famous. If people were trying to induct him into the Davison High School Hall of People We Want Our Kids to be Like then his critics might have a better case.

So that’s it, end of politics. Tommorow we get back to business with Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen Part I as I detail how I came to my love of all things Broadway.

8 thoughts on “Moore better blues

  1. You mean….*you* were the one who stole Lindsay Lohan’s implants???Seriously, Michael Moore is an accomplished individual. I don’t like him for a lot of similar reasons (plight of the common man shtick as he lounges in his Upper West Side apt…right) but somewhere inside is the man who went to the GM plant and asked a lot of provocative questions. I wonder if he’s not unlike Ralph Nader — a crusader who just fell a little too much in love with himself.

  2. I generally can’t stomach listening to the conservative blowhards like Coulter and O’Reilly, who really have nothing to say unless it causes division and hate. Which is why I can’t support Michael Moore. He spent the first 20 minutes of FAHRENHEIT 9/11 pretty much lying to his audience. And I speak as one who despises the current administration.Basically, none of these people, right or left wing, should be honored. They’ve done nothing but polarize the nation and made the concept of polite and intelligent debate something to be scorned and looked upon suspiciously. Michael Moore is the poster child for what’s wrong with American political thought, though Bill O’Reilly could easily trade places with him.Sorry, had to get that off my chest.

  3. Interesting take on business vs. politics vs. personal with regards to blogging. I confess I tend to see the dichotomy more as “business” (writing and editing) and “everything else” (politics, news, books, movies, personal life, assorted randomness). The rest of my site is strictly business. My blog goes into “everything else” because if it didn’t I wouldn’t update it very often, and stickiness was the whole point of starting one. It’s weird and somewhat disturbing that “polite conversation” excludes politics, religion, and a host of serious and rather important topics. I mean, I’m a WASP so I’m perfectly comfortable with the idea that there are Things That We Do Not Discuss. But if I’m Not Discussing with someone it’s generally in a physical social setting where we can talk about the weather while we’re Not Discussing other things.

  4. Though I’m probably not super conservative (basically I take the “who gives a fuck what other people do?” attitude)… I don’t like Michael Moore, though at times he’s funny, he’s obnoxious too and that I find annoying. Plus the way he messes with the facts kind of sucks. Farenheit 9/11 had some powerful moments, but then there were moments of ridiculousness too. But he is vastly important in this day and age (came close to deciding an election) and is accomplished, so he does probably deserve hall of fame.

  5. Megan–I talk politics more in person in “polite conversation” than I do on the blogs because for some reason when you start talking politics on a blog you get labeled a “political blog.” While that may entail hundreds of thousands more hits to my site, I just don’t want to deal with all of the crap. Roger Simon is a person who has a blog I kind of looked to as an example I didn’t want to emulate, while he gets upwards of 20,000 hits a day his blog has basically transformed him into a political pundit. I can’t remember the last time he talked writing on his blog and I seriously doubt that any of his blog readers have gone out and bought his books. This is particularly prevelant among conservatives. If a writer espouses liberal beliefs occassionaly they don’t usually get tagged as a liberal blog ( ala SJ Rozan who has done a pretty good job of balancing the occassional personal political opinion with other thoughts. But for some reason when somebody posts remotely conservative ideas on their blog the conservative audience floods the place and turns them into the next great conservative savior. I don’t want to be a political pundit end of story.

  6. Bryon – glad you don’t want to emulate Simon. Read his blog the other day and was so bowled over at the kind of deep-seated pig ignorance some of his readers have.As for Michael Moore, well, yeah Farenheit 911 was perhaps a step over the line, he’s no longer working for the common man but for himself, but I still can’t shake Bowling For Columbine and Roger And Me. He may be an opinionated lying leftie, but he’s made some excellent movies.

  7. I agree that Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame. That’s one of today’s greatest injustices. And they should do it now, while the man is still alive to enjoy it.

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