Man’s Best Friend

I’ve waxed here about how much I enjoyed writing my short story CADAVER DOG and what a thrill it was to finally crack into HARDLUCK STORIES with that one. Well, even better news follows with that story. CADAVER DOG has been selected to appear next year in THE YEARS FINEST CRIME AND MYSTERY STORIES edited by Ed Gorman and Martin H. Greenberg. I’m so giddy right now. It’s only been about two years since I really started writing and submitting short stories on a regular basis and this is just one more validation of my efforts. What’s really cool is that the anthology will probably be coming out around the same time as the THUGLIT: HARDCORE HARDBOILED one next spring so I’ll probably be floating the entire time. And I’ll finally have something to show off when I swoop into Baltimore next October for Bouchercon. It’s only a matter of time before the novel stuff starts falling into place as well.

Thanks to Dave Zelterman and Trey Barker for publishing CADAVER DOG in the first place and to Sarah Weinman for her role in selecting it for this anthology.

10 thoughts on “Man’s Best Friend

  1. That’s awesome, Bryon. You are definitely on a roll, and gaining steam. … Nothing quite like hearing that you’re going to be in an anthology. And your second, to boot.

  2. Bryon,
    Congrats on that. Like I told you when we worked together, that is one of a very few stories that I sat back and thought, “Fuck me, I wish I’d written that.”

    Good job. And it was nice putting a face with the name this last weekend.


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