Manic Monday

I’m back to my regular schedule this week after having a glorious week OF 8-5 with Saturday and Sunday off. This kind of thing is fun, but it really spoils me for “normal” work hours. I can’t complain too much though because the job is great, the benefits are great, and we all just got raises. Some highlights of the weekend include a river boat cruise on the Detroit Princess.

Actually, the first four hours of the cruise were a highlight, but after they stopped for a fireworks show, they were unable to get the anchor back up. Two and a half hours later they managed to manually raise it, but we didn’t get back to the dock until well after 3am. Bleh. Sunday, I took Becky to meet my favorite aunt and uncle for brunch. She got to meet the first writer I ever knew and the man who gave me my first Spenser and Elvis Cole novels, and my first typewriter. I’m sure she was very impressed. We also ate pancakes.

In the mail on Saturday was my check for the reprint of LOAD in SHRED OF EVIDENCE. I immediately took out my picture of me and Harlan Coben from a frame and put the check in instead. It was quite a moment. Unfortunatley, with all of the activity though over the weekend and with training last week, I’ve ground to a halt on the short story I was working on so I’ll have to get back to that today. I’ve got about 7k words and I know it should be ending sometime soon, just not exactly sure how…

Now a question for the audience: Who was the most influential relative in your writing life?

7 thoughts on “Manic Monday

  1. I’d have to say my mother. She was a teacher, so I owe much of my ability to communicate to her. She’s also a voracious reader, so I guess I owe my love for books to her as well.

  2. my mommy because she encouraged my creativity.hey, can you send your address again? i gots 2-3 books to send ya. thanks!!! hurry hurry. i thought i’d saved yer email, but…

  3. My wife. When I got laid off she reminded me, as wives are wont to do, that I had always said that if I had the time I’d write a book.I think her exact words were, “Time to step up, Sparky.”

  4. Uh… none of them, really. That I can think of.”So long as you don’t produce anything like LUNCHBOX HERO,” they all said, “we’ll still love you.”

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