Mandatory Overtime Day Three: Our hero is still surviving

Today is the first full day of mandatory overtime I will have to work. So far I have had meetings and interviews in the middle of the day which got me off the phones for a while. But I gotta say, if I have to add an extra hour to my day I like doing it at the begiining of my shift instead of having to stay an extra hour.

In other news, my fiance is amazing. In general we are a great team and have very little to argue about. But I always knew one of my weaknesses in this relationship (and one of her greatest strengths) is my problems with money. As we’ve been together she’s been working with me to get my finances in order and even helped me get a loan for a brand new car (did I tell you all about my car yet). But even as we’ve worked to make our finances mesh together, incidenst from my past have popped up that need to be dealt with. I’ve tried to keep them to myself and deal with them on my own but in God’s wonderful wisdom and humor, he has made sure all of the secrets have come into the open before they exploded into something we might not be able to get through.

In each situation, Becky has been level headed but firm and helped me take care of the problem without wavering in her love for me. I feel weak and sad and sick that I can’t be the provider in these situations but it hasn’t affected her view of me (though it has given her some wonderful ammo if I ever question her spending or money habits).

So I’m decalring today Official Becky Kilgore Recognition Day. Tell her how awesome she is in the comments and remember I do have a PayPal account if anyone feels led to contribute to the fund to keep me off the welfare rolls.

2 thoughts on “Mandatory Overtime Day Three: Our hero is still surviving

  1. Don’t worry about money problems. My wife has been spending us into the poorhouse for ten years, and we’re still together. I mean really, drunken sailors are embarrassed at the way she throws money around. On the first of every month she checks our bank balance and writes it on a note labeled “monthly shopping budget.”I could go on, but I would die a lingering death. My point: money problems can be solved.

  2. Eh, Graham… sometimes, but other times they go on and on. Not through any fault of the couple, unless you count their not moving to a state with lower taxes/cost of living.Becky, good on you! It is so critical to have good money habits – things can get tough and stay tough (we’ve been tight for nearly 5 years, largely because I chose to cut back on work to spend time with our children). Money stresses us out enough as it is – can’t imagine what it would be like if we sniped about each other’s habits.Go, girl!

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