Lovely Dog To Good Home


UPDATE (8/7/13): I think we’re going to see if we can make some changes to our lifestyle and habits to keep the dog around. Even Becky, who has never really cared much for animals, thinks the transition to a new home might be hard for Stewie because he’s so attached to me. I think with me being home during the day I can play with him more and we’ll just have to budget better for his upkeep and know that if he ever has any serious medical issues we probably can’t pay for them. We’re still getting rid of the cat though. The cat is obnoxious.

As much as I hate to do it, I think the first sacrifice of my new freelance life is going to have to be finding new homes for our animals. With money being tight and unpredictable, we’ve been looking to cut as many of our variable expenses as we can and the dog particularly is an expensive variable expense. In addition to the food and the grooming and the vet bills, there’s also the unexpected expenses like if he gets sick or injured. We’re going to have high enough deductibles on ourselves and the kids, let alone whatever it would cost to fix a dog.

There’s also the issue that I never feel like we’ve been as active enough with him as he needs to be happy. I would love to see him go to a home with people who have time and energy to play with him. I’m awful at upkeep and maintenance and I’ve neglected the dog long enough. I don’t want to skimp on his care and upkeep.

So if you know anyone in the MI/OH area looking for a 6 year old pure-bred neutered dachschund up-to-date on his shots who loves walks and kids and people let me know. I’ll feel a whole lot better about this if I can get him to a good home. If I can’t find a home for him I’ll try to set him up with one of the local rescue organizations but I don’t like the thought of him having to spend any time in a cage if he doesn’t have to. Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. PetPlan insurance is saving our butt! My five-year-old love hound Goldendoodle, Guggi, has developed some serious diseases which require expensive medications and lots of trips to a specialist vet for blood tests, etc. When he was under a year, I bought him PetPlan (also for my dislikable cat). It’s a drop in the bucket every month, and I have no idea what we’d be doing if we didn’t have it.

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