Love in a time of sinus infections

Around this time last year I started swapping emails with a girl I met
through I would send her long rambling pieces full of
emotion and facts and little tidbits about my life. She would send me
two sentences. If it had gone on that way for a while longer, I
probably would have tired of the lack of communication and been on to
something else. But that Saturday, October 14, 2006 she did something
interesting. She sent me an email message with nothing in it but her
phone number. I liked that and called her while I was on my way in to
work and we agree to meet later that night to go bowling.

Thank goodness the girl showed some balls, I’d hate to think about
what I might have missed out on. That girl of course was Becky and
tomorrow will be our one year anniversary. I’ve never been in a
relationship that lasted a year so that says something right there
about this girl. We’re leaving tonight when I get off of work to spend
the rest of the weekend in Cleveland which holds a special place in
both our hearts as that’s where I finally pulled my head out of my
butt and realized what an amazing girl I had in my life.

So thank you baby for sticking with me and not running me over with
your car or feeding me to your cats or anything. I love you.