Look At My Awesome New Clip-On Sunglasses


I was on Twitter and Facebook today talking a lot about gender, color, and the disrespect of comedy in the arts and thought about writing something here to bring all of those random posts into a more coherent piece, but my mind hasn’t quite wrapped around it enough so I’d rather write about my new sunglasses.

Before we left for Florida I started looking at getting some new sunglasses because I knew I was going to be driving a lot and really need my glasses when I drive. I’ve had the same pair of prescription sunglasses for almost ten years and they’ve finally gotten unusable from scratches and size. When I first got them, those little metal frames were in fashion but now I want more lens coverage and something less John Lennon looking. So I took in my last pair of plastic frames to have them tinted, but the optical place said they didn’t advise doing that to plastic lenses so I looked at maybe getting some clip-ons. Boy have these things come far. I was thinking they were still the dorky looking ones they sell at drug stores. But these are cool looking and polarized and reflective and I really like them.

I didn’t wear them as much on vacation as I planned due to driving mostly the night shifts and not wearing my glasses as much as I planned at the amusement parks and by the pool due to fears of ruining them. We also got some cool freebie hipster sunglasses from Expedia that were really comfortable and I wasn’t afraid of ruining. But now we’re back to the real world and I’ve started wearing them more. I need to start wearing my glasses all of the time due to my deteriorating eye sight and I finally found a pair that’s comfortable enough. But anyway, this is what they look like. Ooooohhhhh. Ahhhhhhh. Right?

What do you all do about prescription sunglasses?

One thought on “Look At My Awesome New Clip-On Sunglasses

  1. I don’t need glasses for distance yet, only for reading, but when I do I’ll probably get a tinted pair. Clip-ons are great, though. My grandmother used them for decades.

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