Live From 8th Avenue and 51st Street:It’s Me! (with obligatory hotel window photo)


I’m in New York City again in case you didn’t catch that. I’ve actually been here since 8am this morning, but only just now was able to check into my room. Instead o sleeping, I spent the morning complaining on Facebook and Twitter and then walking around quite a bit. I wanted to give my Batman Chuck Taylors a good work out and see how they handled it and I have to say, I was quite impressed. I hated to do much walking in my low top Chuck’s but these high top ones are a huge improvement. I walked all over the city for about two hours and it’s only the back bit of my heels that feels a little pressure, not the arches of my feet or anything important. They’re not quite as comfortable as my Nikes, but they look a whole lot cooler and it’s a trade off I’m willing to make as long as my feet don’t fall apart.

I also made a trip up to the Coach store at Columbus Circle because one of the buckles on my Coach briefcase keeps coming undone. It’s not enough to make the bag useless and nothing has fallen out, but it’s annoying and for what Becky paid for the bag, all of the pieces should work perfectly. After mentioning to the snooty clerks that the bag was from the Coach Factory Store, they backed away from it like a rat popped out and told me there was nothing to do and to take it to a Factory store. They said factory with the sort of derision and disgust that most people say my name with. So screw you Coach store people.

Now I’m going to rest up for my big reading tonight at Noir at the Bar. I’m having dinner with Dave White before the event so that should be cool. Until then, don’t have fun anywhere else without me.