Lions and Bengals oh my

This is going to sound a lot like a Dave White post only…interesting.

Tonight I’m taking off work early to go see the Detroit Lions who start their pre-season against the Cinncinnati Bengals. I’ve been a Lions fan casually since the mid-90s, but my interest in the team has risen dramatically over the past couple of years and sort of came to a full boil with meeting Becky who is a full-blown Lions fan and has season tickets.

I’ve been following the team alot during the off-season, looking at staffing changes, and player changes, and draft choices, and I see something exciting building for this season. Now there’s always a lot of bravado and false optimism with Lions fans at the beginning of the season, but I think this is something different. And it’s not just me, many sports journalists agree. For the first time, ESPN has rated the Lions as one of their top teams to watch, and quarterback Jon Kitna was rated by Yahoo Sports in the top ten ahead of several former Superbowl QBs and high draft picks. Of course the #2 draft pick Calvin Johnson will have a great affect as well. Between him, Roy Williams, and Mike Furry we should have a great receiver corps, and Jon Kitna, believe it or not, is one of the most acurate and highest rated quarterbacks in the NFL. He just needs some better protection around him.

But none of that matters when it comes down to games. The Lions have to win games to show how much they’ve changed. It’s sad that’s I’m wishing for the good old days of 8-8 seasons and losing in the first round of the playoffs. But I’ve been a Lions fan long enough to keep my optimism guarded, though I haven’t been one long enough to be jaded. Yet.

I mean if Rutgers can turn their program around…