Letters, we’ve got letters

For those of you playing along at home, I thought you’d be interested in an update on my query status. As of Friday, I’d sent out 57 query letters and query emails for my novel THE SCARS WE CARRY. Out of the first 32 queries I had absolutely no success. All form rejections, so I changed tactics and reworded my query letter to remove all words pertaining to private investigators and since May 3, I’ve sent out 25 of the new letters. As of today, I’ve received 10 of them back with two requests for the partial manuscript. That makes me happy.

The interesting thing is that both requests for the manuscript (and my only handwritten rejection letter) came from California. Early on, I passed on submitting to the CA agencies, still stuck in the mindset that a proper literary works out of NYC. But now that I think about it, it makes sense. My book deals with movies and TV and pop culture and features several links to Hollywood and California. To test this theory further, I’ve put together a list of six more California agencies I haven’t queried yet and will see what kind of response I get.

This whole thing is at once exciting, becuase I feel like I have the most control of my career right now, but the rejection and the emotional beat downs come at such a steady pace it’s exhausting. But I’m a fighter, and more than that I’m stubborn. So I will survive.

3 thoughts on “Letters, we’ve got letters

  1. I’ve been there, man. Hell, I’m still there — my novel’s making the rounds right now. I’ve gotten a lot of interest, but I’ve gotten a heaping helping of rejections, too, not to mention two phone calls that turned out not to be The Phone Call. Still, it beats digging ditches. Sometimes you feel like you’re getting beat, but all that means is you’re in the game. Best of luck.

  2. This is an inspiring post, Bryon. I don’t know if you’ve seen any of the YouTube videos I did this past winter, when I queried close to 450 agents over 3-4 months. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from the videos, and some of them have started showing up on people’s blogs. Here’s one where I found a positive response:Positive Response from Literary AgentWe should do like a friendly competition later this summer; send out the same number of letters at once (say like 50), and then compare results.It’d be like going out on an audition with a friend.Stacey

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