It’s Cover Reveal Time

I’ve been waiting to do this for a really long time, so pardon me for dragging it out a bit more. But this is the cover for MURDER BOY. It looks just like I hoped it would with a grimy 70s vibe that also shows a little fun. I love the typeface and I love the quote from Michael. But what I love most is that this will not only be the digital cover, Polis will be releasing it as a trade paperback as well in early 2015. That’s right, I’m going print baby! I’ll have more to say on that later, but for now, soak in the glory of this beauty. Thanks to Jason and his talented design team at Polis for making this dream come true.

MB10 Print sm

32 comments on “It’s Cover Reveal Time

  1. Looks great and congrats on the paperback printing!

  2. That is a kick ass cover!
    And so happy we both will be able to hold our physical books in our hands! Woot! Woot!

  3. Bryon, it is a fantastic cover! yay!

  4. Fabulous cover, Bryon!

  5. Very cool – congrats, Bryon!!

  6. Thanks Sean and Chris and Matt and Allison and Kristi and Alison and Dan and Kathi. You guys all rule.

  7. Thanks Kristi. So exciting for your too. It’s hard not to sound like a hypocrite when all I did was talk about how perfect digital was for this book. But I still think the majority of sales for it will come through digital, but it will be nice to partake in those traditional book things like signings and throwing our books across the room when we find we didn’t make the edit we thought we did.

  8. I love it. The book better be as good as the cover. I’m just saying’.

  9. I’m biased Naomi Hirahara, but I think the cover is far better than the book.

  10. Dude, don’t let that be your marketing pitch!

  11. I love it. And congrats on going to print, too. I’d be thrilled about that too.

  12. PRINT!! Congras! And…beautiful cover. Covers can vary widely – such a blessing to get a good one! I’m intrigued.

  13. So… we ever gonna get you out this way to read at Noir At The Bar L.A.?

  14. I’d love to Stephen. What about during BCon?

  15. Eric Beetner and I are working on that. We’re hoping we can get something set up with the con itself. Will keep you posted.

  16. Awesome Bryon. Congrats!

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