It Seems I Got Myself a Book Deal (Finally)

I’ll have more to say later, but for now, how about this notice from Publisher’s Marketplace:

CWA Debut Dagger nominee and editor at Exhibit A Books Bryon Quertermous’s debut MURDER BOY, about a an aspiring writer who tricks a bounty hunter into kidnapping the professor who threatens to derail his career, leading to their slapdash plan spiraling quickly and violently out of control, to Jason Pinter at Polis Books in a two-book deal. (World Rights)

69 thoughts on “It Seems I Got Myself a Book Deal (Finally)

  1. In my experience, being published isn’t all roses and champagne, so enjoy the fun before the terror sets in. Or maybe that’s just me… (providing my antidote to yesterday’s adoration and applause)

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