Independent Verification

So CK is in the D-Town for some conference or such and Becky and I will catching up with her later for some burgers and that will make Becky the first person to meet one of my online buddies. It will also provide a real witness that Becky actually exists.

The Detroit-area has been under a UAW strike this week and it made me realize how lucky I am not to have to work in the shop. Because my dad earned a good living, I was able to take the time I needed to find my own career without having to take a job just to pay the bills. His job also gave me great healthcare for 25 years of my life, paid for my first two years of college, and gave me a great discount on my most recent car purchase. It’s laso given my dad a decent pension and healthcare since he retired so that I don’t have to support his sorry butt. So tahnk you UAW, thank you GM, and mostly, thanks dad for what I’m sure were 30 miserable years of work. I appreciate it.

A couple of good pieces of news writing-wise. My short-story RUINS OF DETROIT will be appearing Shamus-Award winner Rick Helm’s new webzine The Back Alley. And I’ve been invited to submit to an anthology of crime poetry. I haven’t done much poetry in my life but I’m looking forward to the challenge.