I think I finally have a valid reason to get an iPod. I’ve thought they were cool since they came out and I love the idea of being able to carry my entire cd collection around on one unit and then spend my money buying individual songs not crap cds. Even as they came down in price though, I couldn’t muster up the enthusiasm to drop $200 because I really didn’t have the need for one.

Most of my music listening time was in the car and in the car I like the radio. I like the variety of songs and formats and I like the surpise of what might come next. I also used to have a bunch of cds that I would listen on long trips. Over the last year my cd collection has dwindled from a high of around 100 to the current twenty or so stalwarts. I tend to purge my cd collection every couple of years but its never gotten this low. Most of it was sold of for cash during the lean times of my first grad school year and I never had the need to build the collection back up again.

But now I have 8 hours a day at work I have to pass somehow.

As I round into my thrid week at my new job I’m starting to need more distraction to fend off the boredom. This initial thrill of being able to do nothing while the dissertations and journals scanned has worn off and now I realize why the folks around me bring cds and radios. I still have a book at my desk which works well during th long dissertations but I’ve also been working on a bunch of small journals and magazines that only allow me to read a few pages in between. So I need music.

I tried taking in a radio but I can’t get cell phone reception so why should I be able to get radio reception? I get one country station that plays the same songs over and over for most of the day. So today I took in my cds and burned through them way before lunch and got sick of them by 1pm. I started thinking about going out and buying a bunch of cds, but many of the songs I currently like are singles and not on full cds I’d want to own so buying them for 99 cents a pop on itunes would be great but then there’s the initial investment of $200 in the actual ipod plus maybe $100 more to load it up right with music. $300 could buy a lot of cds right away. I’m still torn on which route to follow but I will be getting more music into my life one way or the other. Another possible option is Napster to go or Yahoo tunes subscription services where you download an unlimited amount of songs to your ipod for 6-15 bucks a month, but all of the songs expire from your ipod after your subscription ends, so it’s like leasing songs with no long term investment potential.

Another reason I need a lot of music is i may be driving to Toledo on a regular basis. For a girl. Updates to come.

17 thoughts on “iBoredom

  1. WELL (brushes hands off, wiggles fingers, beings furiously typing)as an AVID iPod fanatic, let me just say – you’d be making an excellent decision if you were to purchase one. I know for me – it’s not even so much that I have all my music in one place – it’s the playlists, and the “shuffle songs” features. You can make a playlist for any way you feel. you can shuffle your songs and be constantly surprised. and you can buy the car adapter for $20 (NOT the ridiculously unnecessary boom-box type thing for $200) and jam in the car too, seamlessly. I am so in love with mine, I’m thinking of running away with it.

  2. Bryon:I’m old enought that I’ve been through it all, records, 8 tracks, Cassete taped, CD’s. I recently bought an IPOD, with an adaptor that can play the IPOD through existing radio waves, (just find a underused frequency, and synch it to your adaptor and you can play it on any conventional radio) I love my IPOD and I’ve barely scratched the surface. I’d buy one if I was in your situation and I’ve barely researched podcast techology yet.Pat Lambehttp://patlambe.com

  3. Hmm… well, as a Pod owner myself, I’d suggest going for one of the new Nano ones instead of the originals. They have less memory – 4gig? 8gig? – but it’s all solid state Flash-type memory rather than a hard drive so the battery life is waaaaaaayyyy better from what I hear.Also, for buying cheap music, I’d recommend (before it becomes illegal – RIAA has, IIRC, already tried to shut them down only to be told that Russian copyright law makes them perfectly OK, so I’d guess a change in the law may be forthcoming soon) these two:mp3search and allofmp310c a track (or thereabouts) at with full-length previews and both of them are trustworthy on the use of credit cards front. And ‘cos they’re proper commercial sites rather than dodgy filesharing ones, track quality is generally a minimum of 192Kbps.*nudge nudge, wink wink*And lastly, girl? Toledo?

  4. Toledo?I got a Creative Nomad player earlier this year and I love the thing. The only thing that could possibly make this better is if it were all solid state.I have a ton of tapes (many of which were originally on vinyl, which I can’t play now) I need to rip to MP3. That could take some time, but to be able to carry a 500-album collection in my pocket rules.

  5. Okay, getting an iPod is a very good idea. I heartily endorse it.But the real issue here is – a girl in Toledo? You are such a tease to just drop that on us. We want details.

  6. If you’ve got a CD burner, you can get started with iTunes before you get an iPod. Buy all the songs you want and burn them to disc.As for the iPod Nano: buy stock in Apple, they’re going to sell a bazillion of those things.

  7. Don’t let Dave kid you. He blew Bcon early because he had a stack of 8-tracks he was really getting into. You know. The Bachman-Turner Overdrive one where “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” fades out in the middle so the tape can switch programs.(What’s really embarrassing is, while I never owned an 8-track, I know how they worked.)

  8. I’m sorry there’s no girl. I have suspected for many years that there is, in fact, no Toledo, so thank you for confirming my suspicions.Apple has turned to the Dark Side, but not in a cool way. This is probably good if you’re a stockholder, not so good if you’re buying gadgets.

  9. Hey, what’s up with the Toledo jokes, huh? So it might be a fuckin’ pit…but it’s our fuckin’ pit!Word’s out, Bryon…we’re gonna watch for your A2 ass!!Tribe

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