I still think she should have ended up with Christopher

This may be the first blog post I write on the verge of tears. Earlier this week I was ambushed with the news that Tuesday would be the final episode of The Gilmore Girls. For Ever. Now I have not been very vigilante this season because it was kind of stupidly written and my DVR kept screwing up the recording times and the CW kept taking it off the air for long periods. So yeah, I was definately caught off guard by this announcement.

I was happy though that I found out enough in advance to make sure my DVR recorded it properly and yesterday sat down to watch it with Becky (my girlfriend, I know it’s odd to hear of one referenced by her real name but we all know how the last time turned out…) and about halfway through the episode just ended. My DVR only recorded the first half. I was angry, but figured I could find it online like I had many episodes before. This morning I was able to find it and watch it by myself because it was just perfect that way with nobody laughing at me during commercial breaks.

I have many happy memories of watching Gilmore episodes since I first discovered the show three years ago. And the best thing is I think watching this episode and thinking about it has helped me crack the funk. Also helped by Steve Hockensmith’s second novel which is just as great as the first, so thanks Steve. I’m about 1000 words into the story about the computer repo guy and think it will work out nicely.