I Love Rocky Road

Cleveland does indeed rock. Despite being a bit sad as we walked by the cheering madhouse that is Cleveland Browns stadium that we couldn’t get tickets to the game, Becky and I enjoyed ourselves next door at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. She’s been a couple times before (once when she auditioned for American Idol, oh yeah) but this was my first time. I wasn’t too enthralled with the costumes and cars and things like that, my bag of fun was the written stuff like handwritten lyrics and letters and such. I loved seeing the lyrics to “Surfin’ Safari” on the back of one of Brian Wilson’s college term papers and the letters in the ‘Rolling Stone” collection were a highlight of the collection.

I was thinking about this quite a bit over the rest of the day and how to wrap my head around the different emotions it brought up in me, and then I saw the New Yorker profile of David Simon, creator of “The Wire” and it started to click. The reason I love this stuff, and interviews, and particularly Afterwards and Forewords in books is because I like to see how a creator (or creation) was formed. I like to see what the inspirations were and what the circumstances in their
life were at the time.

Part of this is of course nosey curiosity with the inner workings of someone else’s life. But more importantly, as a creator myself, this kind of stuff helps me manage my own inspirations and creations. When I’m feeling blocked, or frustrated, or dry, it helps to know that it’s happened to other people and find ways to work through it. It also helps when I’m feeling I can do no wrong, to look back at other creators much better than myself and see how far they were capable of falling.

And speaking of creators better than myself, seeing all of the Indians stuff proclaiming the victorious Tribe, and then seeing Johnny Cash’s tour bus at the RRHF made me wonder what our writer buddy Tribe is up to these days. Come back to us Dark Friend.