I hate to interupt Christin’s interview, but…

…I’ve got some great news. The Summor of the Short Story is progressing along nicely. Not only have I been writing stories, they’ve been getting accepted. The latest is an acceptance from CRIMESPREE for my bank robbery story LOAD. The story was originally going to be written for the bank robbery edition of HARDLUCK STORIES but I got halfway into it and couldn’t finish it before the deadline so I let it sit on my computer for a while. Then I figured out how to finish it and all was well. Of course, when I say bank robbery I don’t mean a money bank; it’s about a sperm bank robbery.

Also a few days ago, I received an acceptance from FLASHSHOTS for my short-short story PRO BONO. This is the story my final hypermedia story of the same name was based on. I’m glad the print story will get some attention now too.

Nex on the Summer of the Short Story slate is of course my own contribution to a little project Dave White and I have brewing and then I’ve got a story I want to write for THRILLING DETECTIVE. I suppose somewhere along the way I should finish the new ending for LUNCHBOX HERO too…

So thanks are due of course to Ms. Jennifer Jordan who realized the gooey brilliance in my story, and to Dave Zeltserman for having the idea to do a bank robbery edition of HLS that inspired the story, and to my early readers Dave White, Sarah Weinman and Christin Kuretich who had nice things to say about the story and some wonderful suggestions I probably ignored. Thanks guys.

9 thoughts on “I hate to interupt Christin’s interview, but…

  1. I guess I can allow my interview to be interrupted for news such as this. Well done Bry. and what was it I said about your story again? It was gross, it was scary, it was original, i almost barfed? something like that.yes. They really should ask for my comments for the backs of books – what are those called?

  2. You all realize that by letting Christin read your stories, you guys are killing me. Now I have to go let her read my stuff in advance.

  3. It’s disgusting, isn’t it? Amoral filth, I tells yer! You can’t trust that Quertermous, that’s what I always said!I’m sure there’s something deeply Freudian and unsettling about it as well.

  4. Yes, there’s something Freudian, but it isn’t deep.Bry, maybe we can pair your story with Otis Twelve’s DEAD PUPPIES.A lovely, esoteric and thought provoking pairing.

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