Holiday Jeer

Holidays are just mean. They give me extra time to spend with my fiance and puppy and then they get ripped away again when the cold reality of the work week returns. I’m really getting burned out in the call center here and the internal job search is not going as smooth as I hoped (and I wasn’t even hoping for all that smooth) so it was a nice break to have a few days off and relax and recupperate. But now it’s back to the real world. I’m not a big fan of the real world. So I take a deep breath, realize I could be much worse off than I am, and open up the file for my new book that is now 17,000 words strong. And it’s not complete trash as far as I can tell, yet.

Lift my spirits, people. Tell me about horrible jobs you’re glad you don’t have anymore. Or if your in a miserable job, tell me how you make it through the days.