Here comes the bride…

I’m writing this from a Holiday Inn where I stayed last night with my parents after the rehearsal dinner. Today is my wedding day. Woo hoo. After that I’ll be gone for a week and in my place here will be the blogging styles of Mike Maclean and Paul Guyot. Enjoy.

7 thoughts on “Here comes the bride…

  1. Congrats, man. Oh, and squirrel away some of the tasty, tasty reception food for later. There’s some sort of creepy, family-wide conspiracy nobody ever warns you about to prevent you from actually eating anything at the reception.

  2. I agree with Chris. Especially about the wedding cake. My husband never got any because his aunt put the remaining pieces in little boxes IN HER BAG. Like a dozen of them. It was rather bizarre.

    Otherwise, may your day and your life together be blessed!

  3. What I liked were the people at my daughter’s wedding who walked off with the table floral displays before it was even over!

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