Hard Day’s Night

Stewie got his first erection last night. My, they grow up so fast. He’s still got a month before he’s old enough for us to clip his manhood, and in the meantime I hope his fights with the cat don’t turn into humping the cat. Right now he seems content enough to look at it and lick it occassionally. I keep telling him that if he shakes it more than three times after peeing he’s playing with himself, but he just stares at me.

I’m at the end of a long three-day weekend celebrating Becky’s 25th birthday and we both realized we’re way too old for this sort of thing. The funniest highlight has to be Friday night though. Before we could head into Windsor, Canada for a night of karaoke and splurging on the weak but not as weak as once was sadly) Canadian dollar, we had to remove a hacksaw and boxing gloves from becky’s trunk. This is the woman I’m going to marry. God help us all…

5 thoughts on “Hard Day’s Night

  1. The hacksaw and boxing gloves bode well. Not necessarily for you, but in a more global sense.Be prepared for more humping. We got Charlie at age 4 or 5, and he came pre-snipped. He did an awful lot of humping the first week or so–he and Kiko were working out dominance stuff. When they wrestle, there’s still often a humping component. Part of me feels like I should be embarrassed, since the humping usually occurs on the front lawn, but they’re both fixed. And they’re siblings by adoption, not blood, so it’s even less like incest. Plus, they’re dogs; dogs will hump, roll in crap, and eat disgusting things. It’s part of the social contract.

  2. Why oh why are you writing about your dog’s erections? Is this because you don’t have anything sad to write about?Or are you trying to up your beastiality hits?

  3. Wow, writing and dog hard-ons. I knew there was a reason I read this blog. Please, continue on about your pets’ genitals, the world is on the edge of its seat.

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