Go Blue…Silver and Blue

I never would have thought I’d be more proud to wear my Lions jersey than my University of Michigan colors. But after a great game Sunday, it was nice to see the Lions playing like a real professional football team. The entire first half they dominated the Raiders and basically ran their offense at will. During the second half though, they started falling apart and a collective sigh went up from Detroit and we all though the same old Lions were making an appearence. But they didn’t crack. They took a minute to gather themselves together then went back and scored a touchdown, a field goal, and then another touchdown off of a recovered fumble to win 36-21. I’ve never been prouder to be a Lions fine. Now I just hope they didn’t blow their whole season’s worth of talent on that game because Becky and I are going to the home opener against Minnesota this Sunday for my birthday.

As far as the writing goes, I’m feeling much better and refreshed. I went to the Kerrytown Book festival which reignited my writing fire, and the fact that all of the “new” and “younger” novelists were at least 5-10 years older than me made me fell alot better. I’ve still got plenty of time to get my career started and I think I’m on a good track if I just take the time to develop my books right and let patience, drive, and luck work their magic. So thanks to everybody who sent me encouraging notes and read the chapters of my WIP. This community is amazing.

4 thoughts on “Go Blue…Silver and Blue

  1. We’re still fine-tuning some things over here in Oakland, but I have faith in new Raiders coach Lane Kifkin. … But if the Raiders are gonna lose (like they did on Sunday), it might as well help kickstart the Bryon Quertermous Writing Rejuvenation that is gaining steam. .. Glad to hear you’re back in the saddle. Patience and persistence seem to be such big parts of this business, if you ask me … Keep on keeping on, Bryon.

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