First Official Post From The iPad

I’ve been scarce around here because I’ve been submersed in the world of what my iPad can do and that took longer than I thought. So far I’ve been very impressed with it. I made an ill- fated initial purchase of a Galaxy tablet which worked great as an ereader but was a disappointment for everything else I need to do with a tablet, namely reading and marking up manuscripts which required a screen size bigger than 7 inches. The only thing I haven’t done yet on it is write prose and I suspect that will necessitate one of those nifty keyboard cases to do more than just a paragraph or two. But that’s the future. For now I’m very happy with what I can do with it and I think that’s proven by the fact that I haven’t opened my laptop or browsed the Internet on my phone at home since I bought the iPad. Fancy times indeed my friends.

4 thoughts on “First Official Post From The iPad

  1. We bought the keyboard but have yet figured out how to hook it on. It took us an hour to figure out how to close aps. But we love what we have figured out.

  2. I’ve done a ton of writing with my iPad. I know Keith Rawson has too. I also use a keyboard with it. Though I need my laptop for work, which is 99% of my travel, I wouldn’t need it for personal travel and I could do pretty much everything I need to do with it. Even with work travel, I almost never open my laptop in my hotel room unless I have “work” work to do. Otherwise all my internet procrastinating and movie watching and all that stuff happens on the iPad.

  3. Patti and Chris: Do you use external keyboards or keyboard cases? And Patti it took me a while to figure out how to close apps too, though it doesn’t seem to be as important on the iPad as on my phone because I’m not worried about data charges.

  4. I use an external keyboard. It connects via Bluetooth and is the exact model that came with my iMac. I don’t know if it’s any better or not than a case (I kept the box it came in to store it in my bag when I travel, and it seems to be holding up pretty well), I just didn’t find any cases when I was looking that didn’t seem kind of flimsy. I have a heavy leather sleeve that the iPad goes in when it leaves the house.

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