It seems odd to be writing a Christmas update when it’s 50 degrees outside and rainy, but it was cold and snowy for Christmas day and I guess that’s all that matters, right? So let’s start where we should for Christmas, at church.

I’ve always thought the idea of Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve was pretty cool, but my family stuck with the traditional baptist service at 6pm. This year I found out the church Becky and I attend had an 11pm service so we did that. Even though Spenser was on the evil side for his first trip to church, I was glad we went. When we got home Becky had the great idea to just stay up and open the presents between us because it was already Christmas Day and Spenser was being moderately good. So we did and I totally made out. I sort of blew it with Becky though. I got her some nice perfume and we had her ring repaired after it had to be cut off during pregnancy, but I sort of botched it with her surprise gift. I got her this pair of dinosaur footie pajamas that she’d mentioned way back when that she wanted, but they ended up being too small for her and that made her feel bad. It didn’t help that her surprise gift to me was SO much better. But I’m making up for it now by getting her a mother’s pendant with Spenser’s birthstone. My haul from that night was the collector’s edition DVD of Taxi Driver, the first season of Californication on DVD, a cashmere sweater, some undershirts, a Tom Brady Patriots jersey and a collector’s set of Johnny Walker Black with some cool glasses.

So since we did our own little Christmas that night, we were able to sleep in until 10am the next morning and that was a grand Christmas present. We spent the morning then over at Becky’s parents where Spenser opened a lot of cool stuff and Becky and I got a digital video camera and a pile of restaurant gift cards. We stayed there for a while and I took a nap, then we went back to our house and did a whirlwind cleanup before my parents and sister showed up. When they arrived we opened presents again and Spenser got more stuff, Becky and I got more restaurant cards, and we got some knives! Then everybody else from her family started showing up and we ended up with a ton of people in our house and a great ham. I eventually had to go hide in the bedroom for a while because I can only handle so much socializing. Later that night my dad and I went to see The Spirit and I enjoyed it. It was a blatant visual ripoff from Sin City and that didn’t seem necessary, but the story was good pulpy over the top fun.

I had to go back to work the day after Christmas, but it was pretty dead and I was able to leave early.

So there you have it in rather pedestrian prose with little commentary. But I found I like having these blog posts in the archives so I can go back later in the year or whenever and get a fun little burst of memory. So it’s for me, not for you. So there. Monday I’ll be back with a more substantial post and such as we lead up to the new year. And don’t worry, I won’t post any year end lists. I promise