End of Play

I did it. I finished the play last night. It’s 92 pages of pure theatrical brilliance. Or something like that. All-in-all it’s actually a bit of a let down. I did a final word count and it came out to less than 12k words, that’s barely a long story. And then when I printed the stack of pages out like I always do, it didn’t nearly compare to the pile for a novel. But still, it’s something I hadn’t done writing-wise and I’m glad I did it. I may even do it again sometime.

Now I’ve got to let it sit and either ferment or spoil, and it’s back to keeping Dave’s novel ego in check. Granted, I’m starting a bit further back than I did last time, but there’s quite a bit of the play that I can work into the novel as a subplot so all shall be right with the world shortly.

4 thoughts on “End of Play

  1. Just my 2 cents…I think people get so caught up in word counts, that it screws up the writer within. I hear everyone talking about word count all the time. My story (or play or whatever) is too short, or too long. Or worse, they tell me how long it’s going to be before they even write it. I say forget word count. Think story, story, story. Write the best freaking story you can possible write, then rewrite it, then polish it. And once all that is done, then and only then count up the words… and whatever the count, it is exactly right.

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