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Whether you’re looking to be the next big indie publishing success or hoping to pursue the traditional publishing route, an editor with experience across multiple fields is a huge asset. Much as you wouldn’t scale Mount Everest without a knowledgeable local and a sturdy goat, you don’t want to scale the mountain of publishing without an experienced guide.

But why should you choose me, other than the fact that I have a wife and three little kids  and a wicked fast food habit I need to fund? As an editor I have over a decade of publishing experience that includes my last position as the editor of Angry Robot Book’s  crime fiction imprint. I’ve also worked as a freelance editor for New York Times bestselling authors and published the award-winning crime zine Demolition for four years.

Books I’ve edited have been selected as the best of the year by USA Today and Library Journal among others. I understand the strange and exciting publishing world we live in today. I have experience working as an editor with large traditional publishers, mid-sized publishers and with publishers putting out work on computers in their basements. I’ve also worked with hybrid publishers such as Harlequin’s digital-first imprint Carina Press and Amazon Publishing.

I love book stores and e-readers and have published my own work across a multitude of platforms. I respect the author’s vision and want to help bring that vision to full realization. I want to be your partner, not your high school composition teacher crushing your dreams.

I enjoy working with a broad range of projects, but my main wheelhouse is pop fiction: crime fiction, mysteries, thrillers, romance, science fiction and fantasy. I also love YA in all of those genres as well.  If you’re interested in my editing philosophy, check out this piece I wrote for Chuck Wendig’s site called 5 Things You Can Learn From a Freelance Editor.

Developmental Editing

This is big picture stuff. Plot holes, pacing, character motivations. If you’re looking to cut down a manuscript that’s too long or beef up a manuscript that’s too short, I can help with that as well. I’ll read through your manuscript and make extensive notes throughout the manuscript using Track Changes with a brief editorial letter outlining the strengths of your work and opportunities for improvement. I’ll work with you on possible solutions, both through comments in the manuscript and through follow-up emails or phone calls. For developmental edits between 60k-90k words I charge a flat fee of $800. Anything outside of that word count will be calculated on a per-project basis but will be around $0.01 per word.

Line Editing

This is more sentence-level stuff. Line edits will focus on word choice, clarity, continuity, awkward sentences, repetition, crutch words, wooden dialogue, and other style and tone issues. This will be done with a mix of comments in the margin and, when appropriate, directed changes in the document. Line editing fees are by the word and start at $0.01 per word depending on the level of editing required.


I know a lot of people think these are all the same thing, but they’re not. Each level and type of editing addresses specific issues and can be done separately or as part of a comprehensive edit that approaches the level of editing you get with a New York publisher. Proofreading is a final check. Let me be that last set of objective eyes to give your project a final review before you send it out into the world. Proofreading starts at $0.008 per word.


I’m currently scheduling for February and March 2016 right now. I look forward to hearing from you all at bryon@bryonquertermous.com


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