Downstate Dancer

So I’m pulling out of the Barnes and Noble (after getting through an amazing 50 pages of the rewrites on the new book) and I think I recognize the car in front of me. More specifically, I recognized the Ohio license plate. So being me, I followed the car long enough to pull beside it and peek in. It was her, and she was with another guy who was driving her car.

Now I knew she was taking a ballroom dancing class in town, but I never expected to actually run into her on the outskirts of town. This is my town. The part that bothered me the most though was seeing another guy drive her car. She always let me drive her car and it made me feel special.

On a good note though, I only followed the car long enough to peek inside. Earlier versions of myself would have followed the car all the way to its destination and then did some sort of creepy stalker thing watching them get out of the car. But I didn’t this time. Yay me. I’m still sick to my stomach though…

4 thoughts on “Downstate Dancer

  1. Bryon,This too shall pass…perhaps like a kidney stone, but gone it will be. Good work on the book, though. How you can work in a B&N is beyond me. I generally need the stillness of midnight or the white noise of a NYC subway train.

  2. My take: seeing her – especially after having such a good go with the 50 pages – is a sign you’re on the right track. Don’t let what ifs and might-have-beens derail you (bad cliche’ but true.)Nice seeing you in Madison 🙂

  3. You should have stabbed and stood there laughing at the blood on your hand. That way we as writers would all have tons of material to work with.(Come on, someone had to lighten the mood, right folks? Right? Hello?)

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