Dog Days

I’ve finally cracked a market I’ve been 0-4 in until now. I’m happy to announce that my short story CADAVER DOGS has been picked up by Trey Barker for the Blues Issue of HARDLUCK STORIES. Hardluck was one of the last of the top online markets I’ve been unable to crack and it feels great to finally sit among the many fine names Dave Z’s been able to publish there.

Now, the bad news end of this is that I’ve pretty much exhausted the online markets at this point. I’ve been published in almost all of the ones still going now, since it looks like Shred of Evidence is no longer updating, and I’ve probably been blacklisted from the other online site I haven’t published in for some comments I made regarding their professionalism.

My next move, of course, is to start really aiming for the top print markets. I want to make it in Alfred Hitchcock Mystery Magazine, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine and Murdaland. I’ve been submitting toi EQ and AH on and off since I first started writing, but I know I’ve never really written a good story that suits their market. which means I’ve got to start working on a different kind of story. Which means a new learning curve.

I’ve pretty much gotten to the point with my crime stories that I know once a story’s done I have an almost certain possibility of publishing it somewhere. I don’t have that certainty with this new type of story. In fact I’m almost certain it will be the opposite. I’ve never received more than a form rejection from EQ or AH, even on some of my stronger pieces. I did get a nice personalized rejection letter from Murdaland which made me feel good, but still…I guess with the desire to succeed at a new task, the acceptance of early failure is neccessary.

One other good bit of dog related news, my girlfriend bought me a dog. She’s always been a cat person and I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’ve always wanted a dog. A big dog. She told me that would be fine eventually, but she’d need to start with a small dog to get used to them at first. So last week she got a miniature daschund and said he was mine! I named him Stewie because he’s an evil genius at getting out of the confinement areas we put him in, but he still poops and pees like a baby.