Does not play well with others Part II

Okay, now this wretched group project in my musical theater class has started costing me money.

Originally, our professor told us we would be performing these little monstrosities on our last two days of class, April 18-19. Meanwhile I’ve been looking for summer work and my temp agency got me a gig subbing for a couple of weeks at a law office for $12.50 an hour. The job was to start April 21. So yesterday our professor tells us we will be doing these dumb things during our final exam period instead, on April 21. Grrrrrr. So I call the temp agency and ask them if I can start the 22nd instead. No can do; they fill the job with someone else and I’m out roughly $900 in lost wages.

I truly detest group work with the violent intensity of 1,000 angry, pre-menopausal, sleep-deprived, hungry, and dellusional weasels.

This also comes on the heels of my final song performance which was less than stellar. We were given a song, and we had to cut a 16 bar section from it as an audition piece. My song was “The Best of Times” from La cage aux Folles.” I cut a section I liked and thought showed off my voice, my professor said I didn’t give enough energy and that I should know the song before I performed it (never mind that our first sing through of a song is suppossed to be a rough performance and that all semester I’ve been the only one to sing ALL of my first performances from memory, and that everyone else has been able to fumble through the notes and learn as they go, which is suppossed to be the purpose of the first run through) but no, I’m suppossed to show up and be Nathan Freaking Lane on the first try.

Bitter, Bitter, table for one…