Does not commute

I hate commuting. Yesterday and this morning, I got the rural route tour of Southeastern Michigan as I avoided the expressway at any and all possibile points. My car looks like it went through a mud bog and my nerves are frazzled. I don’t want to wake up any earlier than I have to to get to work.

And on that note, did I mention my housing has been secured in Ann Arbor. I will be living in a great house with one of my former roommates and I couldn’t be happier. Part of me wants to believe that it’s not the free cable and phone and internet service I will be bringing to the house through my job that got me the spot, but even I know I’m not that charming to live with.

On a happy note as well, I have a new cell phone waiting for me when I get home. I had the best flip phone, top of the line Motorola until about three years ago when i had to give it up to get a different rate plan. When I switched plans I was too poor to get a good phone so I took the freebie they gave me and I despised it with a passion. I hated having to carry the phone in my pocket instead of clipped to my belt, but I also hate the tacky holsters they have for the non-flip phones. But I got used to that phone and grew to tolerate it.

But a couple of months go that phone died, and again I didn’t have the money to put into getting a good phone so I took the free slop again and have HATED this phone for as long as I’ve had it. It’s confusing and tacky and all around miserable. But we get great discount through Cingular from work so I was able to go in and get a new, discounted rate plan (which includes tons more text messages and lots of web access time which I’ve become recently addicted to) and a brand new, heavily discounted phone.

So here’s what I have to look forward to in about five hours…depending on traffic of course.