Demolition RIP

I’ve been thinking about doing this for quite some time but I’m finally pulling the trigger. Demolition is done.

We had a good run of almost three years but I’m tired of it now. I’m tired of the work and of dealing with the idiots. The great stories I get are getting fewer and fewer and the morons are getting more and more prevalent. But like I said, it could just be me. I was never all that professional with it to begin with, but even that sliver of professionalism has been slipping and I don’t want to deal with it any more.

I started Demolition after Plots with Guns died to help fill the gap. Once PWG came back, I knew Demolition’s days were numbered. So now maybe some other person with more energy and more passion about it can fill this gap. I’d love to see a new zine or two sprout up out of this.

The site will remain up until the zombies of the internet come and eat it, but I won’t be updating anymore. I know this is the right thing to do because I don’t feel bad about it at all. So thank you to all of the writers and readers who made us who we were. I appreciate it.

16 thoughts on “Demolition RIP

  1. And thanks from me too. I think you published my second crime story and two more. I wish I could pick up the baton but I don’t have the technical know-how. Maybe some young’un?

  2. Sorry you have to fold, but many thanks from a newbie crime writer for publishing one of my stories. There’s nothing better for a battered writer’s ego than to have such a great zine accept a story. Best of luck to you and yours.

  3. Dude, you could have announced this on our panel and you would have been the talk of Bcon! Then you could have RESURRECTED Demolition in this post and been a hero!

    But I’m sure you know what you’re doing.

    Congrats again on the new babe. Or babes as it were. Well done, sir.


  4. It’s going to be a shame to see it go. A lot of quality stories have come through Demolition and have let a lot unestablished crime writers develop their skills and have let a lot of pros flex their muscles. Thanks for all the time and effort you’ve put into it.

  5. This just sucks, but I totally understand. Thanks for sticking with it as long as you did. You gave some struggling writers a voice and that’s no small thing. I’m glad I could be a part of it.

    Good luck with the little one.

  6. Bryon, congrats on three years of great work. There have been some fine stories in Demolition, and I’ll miss it. … I’ll always remember your zine, as if gave me my first break as a short-story writer. … Congrats and thanks.

  7. Thank you, Bryon, for your generosity and professionalism with me and with Demolition. I know I owe you a beer. I suspect a lot of other writers do, too. Best wishes and good luck.

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