Da Lions

44-7 over Denver

6-2 in the league

4-0 at home

3-0 in the division

Tied for second in the conference

Oh, freaking, yeah.

Coach Rod Maranelli has a philosophy with his players that they shouldn’t get too down after a loss and they shouldn’t get too high with a win and I think the same philosophy should go for the fans as well. But Detroit fans have been way down for so long that I think the occasional way high emotion is warranted. Last night after the game, Becky and I were looking at standings and schedules in the different divisions seeing if the Lions have a serious shot for the playoffs and dang it if they might really be able to do it. Of course this is when the traditional Lions skepticism comes into play, because if any team is currently capable of being in the 24% of teams that start 6-2 and don’t go to the playoffs it’s the Lions. But these are different Lions, really, I swear.

Sheesh, I never expected this many blog posts about sports, but that’s what I get for marrying a woman with season tickets. Now I’m hooked, I need my fix.

2 thoughts on “Da Lions

  1. I’m amazed that Rogers made it to the end zone without passing out. There had to be a lot of huffing and puffing going on in that helmet.

    But the game yesterday was Pats/Colts. I loved watching Manning screw up. But I have to admit that the Colts did outplay NE, regardless of the score. But thank you Peyton for that last fumble.

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