Contract Killer

I just got my first publishing contract in the mail today, so I guess I can spill the beans.

My short story MURDER BOY, that was originally published in THUGLIT, will appear in THE BEST OF THUGLIT-VOLUME 1 anthology to be published next Spring by Kensington books. I know many of my favorite Thugs will be included in the anthology, including Mr. MFA himself, Steve Allen, along with new stories from authors who may or may not be Ken Bruen.

The smile on my face right now is set to Deliriously Giddy and my jaw is starting to hurt so I should get back to work. But I want to thank Big Daddy Thug Todd Robinson for selecting the story initially for THUGLIT, and then being dope enough to pick it for this anthology as well. Dave White, Sarah Weinman, and Patti Abbott all helped me hack the originally unruly story into publishable shape.

First anthologies, then the world…

23 thoughts on “Contract Killer

  1. Damn. It was that story that made it in? And here I was just humoring you with my revision comments. I didn’t know it would actually pay off or I would have sent you the wrong way.(Kidding. Congrats.)

  2. MURDER BOY?Oh, yeah, I read that one. Didn’t suck quite as badly as your other stuff.I kid. Well done, that man.

  3. Mr. MFA? I like that. I can’t wait for this friggin’ book to come out.OK, side note, the word verification phonetically says “my bitch”. I’m not shitting, it actually says that.

  4. Bryon,Great news! I remember you talking about how you thought short stories might be your door into publishing when we were in Ann Arbor. Onward and upward!

  5. Congrats, Bryon. … I really like reading your blog and the others on your enablers list, because it always seems someone is in the middle of realizing his or her crime-fiction dreams. It’s great to watch, and it’s inspiring. Congrats!

  6. I’m late to the party and should say something sarcastic, or at least quote a show tune*, but I’ll just say congrats. *Somewhere in your youth, or childhood/You must have done something good?Naw, that can’t be it.

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