Come Sail Away

It happened even faster than I could have imagined: My anthology ship finally came in. I don’t know how much info I can give away at this point, and I know some people are superstitious when it comes to revealing good news, but I’ve always been the sort to jump head first and grab up all the accolades before everything can go tits up.

Basically, a story of mine that was originally published on the web has been picked up for a reprint anthology. The best part is that I’ll get real cash money for it. This will be my first professional fiction sale and that gets me all different kinds of giddy.

When I first got news about the anthology, I assumed it going to be a small press thing like the PWG anthology, but upon further investigation, it will actually be with a major NY house and that means mega distribution. My dream of going into Borders and Barnes and Noble and pull a book off the shelf that doesn’t just mention me, but includes one of my actual stories will finally come true.

More on this as it develops…