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Photo (Discussion) Op

Today in my From the Editor post over at Exhibit A, I’m talking about adding photos to blog posts and whether it really makes a difference. I’d love to hear your thoughts. There’s also a special guest photo model for you.

And More Me, But Slightly Less

I continue the great carnival bark that is my life lately over at Hey There’s A Dead Guy. Ben LeRoy lent me his spot to talk about Exhibit A. I chat about some of the cool books we have coming out as well as the difficulty I’ve faced trying to balance the desire to spread […]

The Big Reveal

So the guts are over at the Angry Robot website, but the reason I was jetting all over Europe was to meet my new employers. As of last week I am taking over the Angry Robot crime fiction imprint Exhibit A. I’m tweaked and excited and overwhelmed and generally just feeling magical. This is pretty […]

Online Zines, Best American Mystery Stories, and the Future of Short Crime Fiction

I’ve discussed here on a number of occasions my concern with the increasingly isolated short crime fiction community and the false claims of a short story renaissance. A few Facebook posts recently reminded me of one particularly  depressing moment from last year that I think needs further discussion. When I was in Milwaukee for Murder […]