Catan Death March

I’m moved in and settled. It’s amazing how much crap you can fit into a Chevy Cavaliar with enough trips. I’m very happy where I am and spent the rest of the weekend with my new neighbors playing Settlers of Catan. This game is the crack cocaine of board games. It’s part Risk, part Monopoly and could occupy every waking moment if I allowed it. Bad. Very Bad.

A brief Summer of the Short Story notice: a week or so after I decided to take my two humor stories off of the market and not submit them anywhere for a while until I decided if I wanted to put the work into rewriting them or not, I received an acceptance letter for “Sharp Dressed Man” from Defenestration Magazine. It will be appearing in their August 20 issue.

I’m a bit conflicted on this. It’s a sort of retelling of The Emperor’s New Clothes with a superhero and it’s one of my favorite ideas. In it’s current form though, it’s a 1500 word one-note joke. I think there’s lots of potential for a great story in there somewhere and one day I’ll probably get around to doing it up right, but for right now I’m very happy it was accepted as is and I don’t have to completely rewrite it. Is that bad of me?

I also thought I’d comment on my previous short story post as sometimes I tend to shoot from the hip and not entirely think out what Im saying before I post it. I do want to teach, and I don’t want it to just be a side job that I’m unhappy with but I want to be a writer who teaches not a teacher who writes. I don’t want my short stories to be the equivelent of scholarly articles written soley for the purpose of obtaining tenure, etc. It may sound like an insignifigant problem but for some reason it struck me hard. The thing that bothered me the most was when I started thinking of the types of stories I could write to get into certain journals instead of writing what I felt comfortable and happy writing and then finding markets for it. Thanks to those who commented from both sides of academia though. I appreciate your support.

In other short story news, I recently completed my first PI short story in almost five years. As much as I like reading PI stories, none of the stories I was writing ever seemed right for the PI field. Then I got a great idea for one from People Magazine of all places. It’s called “Mr. Saturday Night Special” and was submitted to Thrilling Detective right under the wire for their September issue deadline. I’ll report back here when I hear back from them.

12 thoughts on “Catan Death March

  1. ‘Settlers’ rocks mightily.It also allows you to say, “I’ve got sheep to spare” in a social setting without everyone getting the wrong idea.If you know what I mean.And I think that you do.

  2. Must snarf out “Settlers.” Hmm, and then I have to find someone who’ll play it with me. (Had to rephrase the last sentence, given the lewd atmosphere on this blog. Did you say, “share a sheep”?Seriously: Congrats, Bryon, on the story sale. Great job. And you can always rewrite it in larger format. I’m always turning short stories into novels.Universities love it when you publish fiction, but they don’t give you credit (tenure, promotion, raise) unless it’s scholarly stuff or the great American novel. Genre fiction serves to plump up your annual evaluation, that’s all.

  3. I’m always seeing you on sites I visit, so I thought I’d check you out. I was immediately impressed not only by your writing, but the fact that you know how to play Settlers of Catan. Another game nerd like myself!

  4. Settlers also lets you press sheep into wood. Or wood into sheep.So, for additional geek points, do you have German language games or expansions? And has Settlers operated as a gateway drug? Do you have other German games? Does Age of Ren seem like a normal–or short–game at 6 hours, give or take? (Also a great game for verbal shorthand, such as “Pope Nope,” “Instasearch,” and “Smackdown Cards.”)Re: to rewrite or not to rewrite. Don’t feel guilty about a sale. One-note jokes can be good, and not everything’s meant to be a 6,000 page masterpiece. If you do more with it, terrific. But don’t scuttle a potential sale because you might, maybe, someday do something else with the story. Best laid plans and all that.

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