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I’m bowing to Crimespot pressure and have resumed the use of titles for my blog posts. For some reason, if I don’t have a title, you can’t click through from Crimespot to this blog. And let’s face it, we’re all becoming Crimespot hussies aren’t we? Scheduling our posts so they come in right as a new update is going through…updating a little more frequently to have a better chance of being seen…making our first sentences eye catching and grabbing. Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

But here’s my real concern for today: fonts and margins. I’m a sucker for discussions about the minutia of writing and publishing and there is no topic more minutia-worthy than manuscript format. It frightens beginners and fascinates older sages. Meanwhile a young upstart generation spits in the face of Courier and its crew. So where do you fall in the mix? I want to get a healthy sampling of the authors out there. What font and size do you use, what margins do you set and how long are your manuscripts?

The manuscript I’m working on (or rather procrastinating on) right now is in Times New Roman 12 with 1 inch margins and it’ll end up being about 300 pages long.

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  1. Spot on, really. Standard Word margins (which I think are 1.25″ sides, 1.5″ top), TNR 12pt. From seeing other manuscripts, I know the size varies from 10-12pt, but I’ve not seen any that weren’t in TNR.And not having titles was making it impossible to click through to posts from Bloglines. You were in peril of losing out on my regular nuggets of comedy gold. How dare you deprive the world of these things???

  2. But now it has been rectified, and comedy gold can continue to be mined.And yeah, boring boring TNR 12 with standard Word margins for me (though for the novel-in-the-drawer, I wrote it in single spaced TNR then converted it to double-spaced Courier. Just because.) That said I do know of some people who use Georgia or Garamond (which are very nice old-school fonts) but I think that’s a minority still.

  3. I’ll join the TNR 12 parade. And as for clicking through from CrimeSpot, it’ just because it uses the title for the link text. If there’s no title, there’s no link. I can fix that with an ‘OR’ statement, maybe.

  4. If I try and use anything (TNR-12) else, which can sometime give a story a bit more oopmh, they just make you change it or change it for you. Why give us all these choices if we can’t use them?

  5. I use standard margins. I used to have a complex about the goddamn things, so I finally made a Word template that has my margins, spacing, headers, page numbers, the whole shebang. Now I don’t even have to think about it.I tend to stick with courier, which drives my critique group nuts. That’s half the fun of using it, actually. But it works for me to write in. Probably because I’m bitter I can’t type for shit on the old Royal I keep on my desk.When I send stuff out, though it’s pretty much a coin toss on whether I’ll use that or TNR.

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