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You might recall I had some problems with my Coach bag when I took it to New York City the last time and one of the buckles kept coming unsnapped. I went to the Coach store in NYC and they sneered at the bag because it was a outlet store bag and they told me I needed to take it to a Coach Factory store to resolve the issue.

Seeing as I’ll be headed back to NYC next week for Edgar Week, I went to the factory store by us to see what they could do. I’m happy to report the guy there was awesome. He said they don’t make the bag I had anymore so I could either send the bag out to Florida to be repaired which would take six weeks or they could exchange it for a different bag. I couldn’t wait six weeks so I looked at an exchange and this is the bag I selected.

I had the luxury of having lived with my other bag for more than three months and knew where it had problems so I could address those in my replacement. As much as I like the look of the flaps, they turned out to be incredibly awkward and flawed in practice, especially for travel. So I went with this zipper version that has a separate area for my laptop. I love it. I also went with brown this time instead of black because the black they were selling either had that goofy looking Coach C all over it or was this weird leather/plastic hybrid that is supposed to be durable was is ugly as all hell. Also, I think the brown matches the publishing industry better than the black. It seems more classic to me.


4 thoughts on “Bag Man

  1. I’m a bag/leather geek, as is my wife. I travel with a large “classic” briefcase and a medium satchel; then I also have available to rotate in and out as needed a large “travel” case; three different wallets (one is a credit card wallet I use for business cards); an iPad case; and a mousepad, all from here:

    There’s a local guy in town who makes bags that I also want one from. Not sure what I’d use it for because all my needs are met, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

  2. I love the satchel style in theory and it’s always seemed the most writer-like or editor-like bag out there, but I found it less useful in practice for travel. The zipper style gets me in and out of airport security faster and is easier to access when the bag is under the seat.

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