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Favors and Agents and Blurgh.

I’m back from my intense but wonderful, west coast tour for Riot Load and ready to get to work selling it to the rest of the country. I’ve had so many people love and support me and my books so far and I’m asking for more because I’m greedy. But I also want to see […]

Today is RIOT LOAD Launch Day!

My second novel, Riot Load, is available today at bookstores and online in ebook format. It’s so exciting to say that, my second novel. I’ve known too many authors better than me who have not been given the opportunity for a second novel so I thank Jason Pinter and all of the readers who made […]

The RIOT LOAD Blog Tour

We are officially a week out from the publication of my second(!!!!!) novel. I will be doing a small book tour on the west coast and a blog tour right here on the Internet. I’ve included the dates below for the entire tour and will come back here and make the links live when the […]

How About a Riot Load Update?

I sent a version of this to my newsletter subscribers last week. If you want to make sure you never miss these important updates, be sure to sign up here. With the release of Riot Load just under a month out now, I figured the timing is perfect for an update of what’s been happening and […]