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Publishers Weekly Review of Riot Load

The first review of Riot Load is in and it’s a good one from Publishers Weekly. In fact, this is my first trade review ever and I find that very cool. The full review is here but here are the juicy bits: An over-the-top premise drives Quertermous’s offbeat second novel featuring medical administrative assistant Dominick Prince […]

Everyone Gets A Trophy

Sure, that’s a cute picture of my awesome little boy holding his trophy and his Pinewood Derby car, but there’s actually quite a bit to unpack there. Let’s start with the car. Spenser’s never been particularly keen about his involvement in Boy Scouts. I think he thought it was going to be more outdoors stuff […]

Dispatches From The Stooge

Can I tell you a secret? I’m in a confessional sort of mood thanks to working with TinyLetter and thinking about my newsletter. The idea that what I write can be delivered directly to a reader’s inbox, the most sacred personal space we have in this digital world today, fills me with a desire to […]

Newsletter Update

I buried the lead in my last post so for those who missed it: I finally started a newsletter. People have been telling me for years now that I need to do a newsletter, or, at minimum, begin collecting an email list. They all raised very good points but I never followed through with it. […]

Batman V Superman Thoughts

Spenser and I went to see it yesterday in IMAX 3D and I thought briefly about writing a full review of it like I did with Man of Steel, but frankly I’m exhausted by all of the hate for this movie so I’m just going to post my brief thoughts. On a related note, I […]