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How About a Riot Load Update?

I sent a version of this to my newsletter subscribers last week. If you want to make sure you never miss these important updates, be sure to sign up here. With the release of Riot Load just under a month out now, I figured the timing is perfect for an update of what’s been happening and […]

Booklist Likes Riot Load Too

Booklist, another publishing trade industry juggernaut, has weighed in with a review of Riot Load.  Even though there is no really great pull quote like Publishers Weekly had, they still seemed to enjoy it and get what I was trying to do. That’s what counts. You can find the full review at Booklist Online, but […]

Publishers Weekly Review of Riot Load

The first review of Riot Load is in and it’s a good one from Publishers Weekly. In fact, this is my first trade review ever and I find that very cool. The full review is here but here are the juicy bits: An over-the-top premise drives Quertermous’s offbeat second novel featuring medical administrative assistant Dominick Prince […]

Everyone Gets A Trophy

Sure, that’s a cute picture of my awesome little boy holding his trophy and his Pinewood Derby car, but there’s actually quite a bit to unpack there. Let’s start with the car. Spenser’s never been particularly keen about his involvement in Boy Scouts. I think he thought it was going to be more outdoors stuff […]

Dispatches From The Stooge

Can I tell you a secret? I’m in a confessional sort of mood thanks to working with TinyLetter and thinking about my newsletter. The idea that what I write can be delivered directly to a reader’s inbox, the most sacred personal space we have in this digital world today, fills me with a desire to […]

Newsletter Update

I buried the lead in my last post so for those who missed it: I finally started a newsletter. People have been telling me for years now that I need to do a newsletter, or, at minimum, begin collecting an email list. They all raised very good points but I never followed through with it. […]