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A Dose Of Optimism

I posted this over on facebook and liked it enough to want to put it here for the archives. I’m sick of the media and political industrial complexes making money off of keeping America scared and paranoid and want to do whatever I can to let people know it’s not as bad as we think […]

I Got Bent In Minnesota

Did you know I was in the Twin Cities over the weekend? Yeah, I didn’t promote that very well. I was feeling pretty crappy leading up to it and just didn’t have the energy for a lot of hype. But I had fun and got to hang out with a lot of great people including […]

The End Of The Tour

I had my final bookstore event for Riot Load on Saturday at the wonderful Nicola’s Books in Ann Arbor with the delightful Patti Abbott and that brings this tour to a close. I still have a few more appearances this year but I don’t really consider them part of this tour. So, now that I’ve […]

Favors and Agents and Blurgh.

I’m back from my intense but wonderful, west coast tour for Riot Load and ready to get to work selling it to the rest of the country. I’ve had so many people love and support me and my books so far and I’m asking for more because I’m greedy. But I also want to see […]

Today is RIOT LOAD Launch Day!

My second novel, Riot Load, is available today at bookstores and online in ebook format. It’s so exciting to say that, my second novel. I’ve known too many authors better than me who have not been given the opportunity for a second novel so I thank Jason Pinter and all of the readers who made […]