An Update on the Update

I’m sure most of you could care less about the futzing I’ve been doing with the site here, but I’ve appreciated all of your patience as the place has been a mess for the last few days. I went from a hosted site to an automatically installed self-hosted site to a manually installed WordPress site so I CAN HAVE ALL THE CONTROL I WANT. I think everything is done now and all of the pieces have settled into their new home so we can get back to the business of me talking about myself and my family and my other interests. Me. Me. Me. I know.

In non-computer news, I’ve been to quite a few movies lately (some even with my wife!) and have more in the pipeline. I love summer. I was able to catch the new Star Trek and Now You See Me, and Becky and I went to see The Hangover III and This Is The End. I enjoyed all of them, but my bar for success at the movies is incredibly low. I hope to see Man of Steel this weekend with either my son or father or both.

So more later, I’m sure. I have a big piece I’m working through on how welcoming and safe the mystery community is in response to the SFWA stuff, but that’s still marinating. I also want to write about how even though movies aren’t as good as TV these days, they fit my viewing habits better. So lots of stuff coming up.

Also, I think I will be going to an every day posting schedule for at least a month to get my new stats package acclimated and get people reacquainted with this place. I had some of my best stats during the last month I did that. So exciting times here. Enjoy.