Afternoon Delight

Skyrockets in flight…

Sorry, got a little carried away, anyway, is there anything better than going to the movies in the middle of the afternoon? While all of the respectable people are at work, or school, or rehab, you can sit on your butt with a pop and popcorn watching imaginary stories. I knocked off the last bit of my movie giftcard with a showing of The Aviator. While the movie was great and fascinating, particularly DeCaprio’s amazing and heartbreaking portrayal of Hughes (though I HATED Kate Blanchett’s portrayal of Katherine Hepburn–if she was really that irritating I can see why Hughes went nutty) the part part of the experience was the previews. I love previews and think they are a vita part of the movie experience but there were two this time that made me jump even more with joy.

Hostage starring Bruce Willis (click the link to see the trailer–God bless the internet)

With a script from Robert Crais based on his novel and starring one of my favorite actors, this is high atop my priority viewing. Of his two stand alone thrillers, I think Demolition Angel is the better book but I think Hostage will make a better movie. It is a nearly pitch perfect suspense story that ratchets up the suspense to levels I previously thought were impossible.

Frank Miller’s Sin City

Bruce Willis, Mickey Rourke and Jessica Alba as a stripper in a script from Frank Miller. What’s not to love? There is no way to describe this trailer and do it any justice, you have to see it for yourself. It is filmed in black and white against a black and white (with drips of yellow and red) backgrounds taken directly from the graphic novels. Several of the characters are in elaborate make-up but the black and white film make them look less like rejects from Dick Tracy. This movie is going to be amazing.

Also on the afternoon delight front, I found one strip mall today that has cheap pizza and cheap videos. I’ve been paying $9 for my large one topping pizzas at Dominos and $3.79 for all my dvds at Blockbuster because I didn;t know there was anything closer. Now I have $6 large pizzas from Hungry Howies (much better than Domino’s) and $2.75 new releases ($2 general release) dvds at Prominade Video. This is a very good thing indeed.

5 thoughts on “Afternoon Delight

  1. Hostage, though I didn’t like the book all that much, looks like it could be a lot of fun. Sin City… I don’t know… the artsiness of the film bothers me a ton. I’d rather see a great story than sit there for two hours marvelling at “how the director did it.” So to be honest, I’m kind of turned off by the black and white and color thing at the same time. Sometimes you can’t try so hard.

  2. Since I am a complete narcisssist, I just want to see the movie to know if I’m in it.Actually, I stole that line from Gerald. Though I’m curious about the movie in general…

  3. If Afternoon Delight doesn’t get unstuck in my head I am going to be mad.Better than Domino’s isn’t too hard to come by, but we are pretty pizza-challenged in Tracy, CA. We have a place called Me&Ed’s that’s pretty good.

  4. Sin City – just saw the trailer the other night. And with that cast, that director, that source material, it can’t go far wrong. Remember this is the movie that Miller was happy with (I think). And I always like to see Mickey Rourke getting the good roles again.Hell, even Clive Owen looks hard.

  5. Watched the Hostage trailer and I still get the feeling it’s melted-on cheese. Then again, I thought the same of A&E’s Spenser movies and watched them nonetheless.

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