A Twitter Stream Likely to Become a Post Soon

Thoughts? I always like to think I’ll blog here more regularly when I’m a published novelist but will I? Or does blogging for itself need to be enough? All htoughts I’m sure I will explore in a future blog post. Stay Tuned!

One thought on “A Twitter Stream Likely to Become a Post Soon

  1. I think it’s because crime writing has been generally been more mainstream (James Patterson has to be the most successful writer ever, right)? I think there tend to be less fan blogs because it’s there, it’s everywhere, and you like what you like — whether it’s classics like Dashiell Hammett or modern bounty hunter “By The Numbers” stuff from Janet Evanovich.

    Meanwhile, the more niche nature of science fiction, catering toward the kind of people who would write fan publcations, i.e. NEEEERRRDDDDDSSSS. There’s a lot more focused passion, which means a more rigid standard of what is and isn’t a quality product. (To my chagrin, the hard sci-fi of Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov seems to be on the outs these days.)

    In any case, the Hugo Awards? They’re terrible. Seriously, that award has been a joke for more than a decade now.

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