A Reminder About My Coming Drastic Life Change

Yesterday was my first day back to work from vacation since I announced that I will be shucking the day job coil for life as a full-time freelancer. We were supposed to go on a family trip with my aunts and uncles and cousins to Branson, MO, but the timing sucked as I had a ton of editing work to finish up and the cost was prohibitive. The only two ways to get to Branson are flights, which would have run us $400 per person, or driving 16 hours. If the kids were a little older I don’t think the drive would have been a problem. But at 4 and 3, I think it would have been miserable for all of us.

Anyway, the week was a nice glimpse into what my life will be like in a few weeks when I take the plunge and I liked what I saw. I was more productive in that one week than the previous month or so. I felt more engaged with the work I was doing and was more refreshed. It was also nice to spend some quality time with the kids and Becky. I realize every week as a freelancer won’t be a dream, but it still has to be better than trying to balance two full-time jobs along with family life.

This post should also serve as a reminder that I’m looking for work. I’ve mostly been relying on referrals to bring me business, but I need to shake on my hustle clothes and hit the street. So if you know anyone who needs editing work, send them to my dedicated editing services site.

Thanks so much. You’re all so sweet. Except you there in the middle.