A Good Old Fashioned Fat Burning

I’ve chatted a here a number of times in the past about my weight and how much of it there is and how I might start thinking about possibly looking at ways to lose some of it. Well over time it hasn’t magically gotten better and I’ve finally reached the point where I have to do something about it.

So starting on Saturday I implemented my Super Magic Fabulous Because It’s So Totally Easy Even YOU Can Do It Fat Burning Plan. I downloaded a calorie counting app and took the dog out for a run. I’ve done that a few other times previously with no success because it was always a one-off thing. But despite coming in 1500 calories over my allotted calorie ration, I stuck with it. Saturday I get Becky involved and she downloaded the app too. We took the kids and the dog for a walk and it was great. I came in 291 calories UNDER my allotment yesterday. And today so far is off to a great start. I logged my breakfast and lunch calories, and took a 20 minute walk around the hospital here and even included stairs. I’ll probably take the dog out for a short walk later this evening as well.

It’s silly of course to make rash judgments based on limited data but I do feel better with more energy and I’m trying to eat less useless crap. There have been several times I’ve not eaten something because I didn’t want the calories bringing my score down. And even this morning, when I was packing my lunch, I took about half of the Doritos I had packed when I saw how many calories I could save. I don’t plan on going overboard with all of this, but this seems like a common sense and sustainable way to shed some unwanted pounds.

And because I know how much you all love good, hard facts, here are my starting vitals:

  • Starting Date: Saturday March 9
  • Starting Height: 5’11
  • Starting Weight: 215 lbs
  • Starting Waist Measurement: 44 in

I aim to lose a pound a week and hope to come in around 190 after six months or so which should be enough to put me in the healthy(ish) category and alleviate much of the strain on my waistband. Ideally, I’d get down into the 180 range that qualifies me as officially healthy, but we’ll cross that dream when we get there.