A Brief Interlude to Discuss My New MacBook Air


You might recall I was waiting for a check to come via UPS so I could go and buy myself a new laptop. Well, the check didn’t come until after the bank had closed, and then yesterday was Spenser’s birthday, so this is the first chance I’ve had to write about my new toy.

I went out to Best Buy because they had it on sale and I also wanted to spend some serious time evaluating the computer because I was torn between the 11inch version and the 13 inch. For the last year I’ve been using my iPad and a Bluetooth keyboard case as a laptop replacement and I thought the 11inch would best approximate that. But after spending time with both computers I came to the conclusion that if I was going to be dropping this much money on a computer I wanted it to last for a very long time and I wanted it to be as versatile as possible and I went with the 13 inch.  I was also shocked that the difference in weight between the two models was negligible. This is a very, very light machine.

So I laid out the cash (literally, which I was kind of worried about but nobody seemed to have a problem with) and took my new computer home. Then I wondered if I had made a horrible mistake.  Becky and I have been trying to live more on cash and we’ve noticed we’re much less inclined to make stupid purchases when we have to see the cash leave our hands and I saw A LOT of cash leave my hands for this computer. So when I got home and realized the learning curve for OS was going to steeper than I imagined (particularly installing programs and working with Word for Mac) I had some regrets. But then I was immediately impressed that I didn’t have to spend the first two hours with my new computer removing junk programs and Internet service trial icons.

Then I downloaded Chrome so the Internet looked more familiar and set about customizing the machine and figuring out what in the hell I was doing. Since this computer doesn’t have an optical drive, I signed up for an Office 365 subscription that lets me download the latest version of Office on up to 5 computers so I put the Windows version on my desktop and the Mac version on my laptop. Once I figured out how to get rid of the useless toolbars and get it how I want it, I grew to like how it works. I’ve never been as down on Word as others, but it does have its quirks and the Mac version has a whole different set of quirks.

Eventually though I really started growing into this computer and think the more I use it the more I’ll love it. I’m especially high on the track pad, the quick boot-up, and the ridiculously long battery life. More to come I’m sure.


3 thoughts on “A Brief Interlude to Discuss My New MacBook Air

  1. I love my 11-inch MB Air. Two years old and still going strong and fast. My mid-range Dell desktop is the same age and runs like it’s got syrup clogging the processor.

    After you get past the learning curve, everything is better with a Mac.

  2. Thanks for the hope, Harry. I think if all I was going to do with this laptop was writing and Internet stuff then I would have gone with the 11 inch. But it didn’t seem to work as well for long days of manuscript reading and web design stuff. Are you ever tempted to upgrade your desktop to a Mac? I just got my Dell earlier this year and it’s working fine, but when it dies I think I’ll be looking strongly at an iMac.

  3. I would bet my next desktop will be an iMac with Parallels to run Windows on the side.

    I am sick of the steep decline in performance in Windows machines after the 18-month mark. It’s almost like the software people are in league with the hardware companies to get you to buy new product every year or so. But that’s crazy talk.

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