A Begrudging Acknowledgement of Facebook’s (minimal) Benefits

You may recall that me and Facebook had words a while back and I redefined our relationship substantially by cutting my friends down to just my 50 or so closest friends and family. This did wonders to eliminate the immense stress and frustration the place had been giving me for years while still allowing me contact with family. But when it came time announce some great news, I wanted to announce it to more than just my 50 closest friends and family. Sure I could have shared the news with my 800+ Twitter followers, but Twitter always seemed more suited to smaller conversations rather than mass announcements. This inspired me to go on a shameless friending spree where I accumulated roughly 200 friends over a weekend so I could share my news.

Since then, I’ve come to realize what I was missing out on. I forgot how many people I had communicated with on Facebook that weren’t on Twitter or weren’t on Twitter with as large of a presence. The last few days has been delightful catching up with everyone and their cats and children. Many of the same things that annoyed me back then are in full force (OMG people check Snopes before posting these obviously fake updates) but it’s a trade-off I’m willing to make to have these people in my life. So thank you Facebook friends for welcoming me back with only a minimum of grief. You may not get much from me but I get so much from you.