Daily Archives: December 6, 2012

I Should Make a BDSM Joke But This Is IMPORTANT

I got my first batch of submissions from Carina today. Prior to the delivery I spent a good chunk of time yesterday and today streamlining my email operations to 1)better handle what I anticipate will be the flood of junk mail and junk submission from the wilds of the Internet and 2)better handle the flow of reading and reporting I’ll do for Carina. It’s not until a project like this that I realize how amazing GMail really is and how little of it’s power I’ve been tapping all these years.

And right off the bat as I glanced through the submissions I had flashbacks to the truly enjoyable parts of working on Demolition. I love the optimism and promise of a great read that comes with the slush pile. I’m excited to dig into these submissions and seek out the genius while also looking for some projects that can benefit from my editorial guidance. As a writer my favorite part is right after the rough draft when I can evaluate the sloppy mess I’ve dumped on the page and start sculpting it into it’s true form. I anticipate much of the same kind of joy helping other authors navigate their way through this process.

Also, secretly, I’m looking forward to the occasional stinker that makes me feel better about my own work.

I assume it won’t be long before I’m all jaded and hackneyed just doing this for the cash, but until then I’m going to enjoy the beauty of the process and hope the writing in that submission batch is better than the swill I just dumped here.