In Which I’m Thankful and Such

I am incredibly blessed, incredibly lucky, and very well aware of this. Aside from the biggies like having a great wife, great kids, a HEALTHY wife and healthy kids, good friends, good family both immediate and extended, a good job, a nice house, a dog, a cat, and high speed Internet service, I’m very thankful […]

Annnnnd….We’re Out

Four years after I finally committed to writing the damn thing, I finished the final draft of MURDER BOY tonight. I’ll have more on Friday (or possibly tomorrow depending on how bored I get on Thanksgiving) about the writing of it and my plans for it, but this is a huge book for me. The […]

Turkeys and Toddlers

I’ve decorated the header again, this time for Thanksgiving. I thought about putting up some Christmas decorations because the stores and malls have already done it and that’s what I’m listening to on the radio but I decided to wait until the day after Thanksgiving when I put up my real decorations at home. So […]


Today is election day and when I get out of work Becky and I will take the kids and go vote. Holly and Spenser have both been to every election that’s happened since they’ve been born. I think it’s important to vote even if you don’t like the major two party candidates. Your vote may […]

Pancake Story Problems

We’ve been bad parents and unfortunately trained our kids to want pancakes from McDonalds every Saturday morning (even though it’s usually Sundays that we go) so when Spenser woke up this morning that’s what he was asking for. I wanted to be a good parent so I decided to make pancakes which wasn’t really all […]