I went to bed at 9:30pm last night. That’s just ridiculous. I’ve been friggin exhausted the last couple of days for absolutely no reason which means I’m either coming down with something, or those candies John sent me are sucking my soul and energy out through my enlarged pores.

That, however, has not stopped me from crossing the 51,993 word mark which beats out all of the drafts of Lunchbox Hero. The word count now is at a solid 53K and hopefully between the weasles and the rhubarb cream I can get over the 60K hump in the next week. That would beat the very first draft of the very first book that would ultimately become Lunchbox. I remember as that book drew to a close I was aiming for 60K words and when I finished the word count was 59,998. So I skipped down a few lines and wrote THE END. Bingo.

I’ve also been thinking about my music collection lately. Or more specifically, my lack of a music collection. During my two years in Ann Arbor I sold off most of my 75 disc collection mostly for financial reasons, but also because I didn’t have much need of cds. I was in the Detroit radio market which had great access to the newest alt and pop rock which are my favorites.

I’ve always been more of a radio fan than a CD fan because of the sense of surprise at hearing your favorite song. Author Caren Lissner talked about this once, though i don’t remember where, and she was saying that no matter how many movies you own on DVD, there’s still a thrill of coming across one of your favorites on Saturday afternoon and getting sucked in by it. Come to think of it, I think it might be Laura who said that. I know Caren is the one who talked about hearing a fav song on the radio though.

Annnnnyhooo, back in Flint with a radio market as depressed and boring as our job market, I’ve been itching for cds because I can’t hear anything new on radio. So I did what any other self-respecting scammer would do: I joined BMG for the zillionth time. I picked my 7 free cds, they will arrive in 6-8 weeks with a bill for shipping and handling that I will wait until the last minute to pay. Then it will take me another 4 years to buy the required cd and I will probably be forced into it my some sort of royal proclimation from BMG and then I will get to pick my next 4 cds.

I can’t remember the exact albums I ordered but the artists are: The Ramones, The Clash, Green Day, Silvertide, Simple Plan, and Kelly Clarkson.

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  1. Those candies were supposed to do so much more. If that pesky old man in the ‘curio’ store I bought them from had been good to his word, you’d be typing that post from inside a hamster cage with cheeks full of sunflower seeds.False advertising, that was. Bastard.

  2. The Clash, Green Day… Kelly Clarkson?Well, they say that music is like love, we’re often appalled at other people’s choices. ;-)Seriously, dude, if you want music, MP3’s. Whatta ya want?

  3. The Clash, The Ramones – SIMPLE F-ING PLAN?????I mean, I can respect a girl with lungs like Kelly. But SIMPLE PLAN!?!?!?!?!

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