The novel is still stuck at 39,000 words and some change but it has a new title. The Scars We Carry. I don’t care if you like it or not. But I think Ill be taking a break from it to work on another project. After my date bombed I was blasted by a bunch of unexpected feelings about my breakup. Its almost like Im starting all over again getting over her.

I need to work this out and the only way I know how to do that is with writing. I dont want to do it here and theres no good place in the novel to do it so I’ll be working on a short story Ive been thinking about for a bit that I think will help. I’ll also be finishing the next issue of DEMOLITION which I’m happy to say is already eagerly anticipated by many people.

How do people who don’t write deal with this stuff in their lives. I’d be paying for some therapist to send his next four generations to Harvard.

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  1. You said it, BQ. If it weren’t for writing, I’d be in a rubber room, eating flies, teasing my left nipple with a rusty straightjacket buckle and praying for morning.Shit… was that out loud?

  2. I wouldn’t stop the novel. No matter how bad you think it would go because of where you are emotionally, don’t stop writing it. Usually, the times when you’re feeling your worst, when you really do believe that your writing is going to be shit – that’s usually when you’ll do your best work.I would put it into the novel.It is hard to come back to a novel that you lay off of for a month or more. And it’s even harder if you work on another project in between. I learned this by stopping novels #7 and #8 roughly half way through.It was a bitch to get them restarted.My two coins.Stacey

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